Spornette classic porcupine hair brush

Hair brush is ours daily companion as we have to brush our hair daily. Spornette classic porcupine hair brush makes that thing easier and smoother as we desire. Normally people’s choice varies on some points like how they want to keep their hairstyle or what style suits them or what product is reasonable to them. Sometimes design also facts to some people.

Why use Spornette classic porcupine hair brush:

Made with bristles manufactured completely in German by ball-tipped nylon bristles. The bristles of this brush make hair stranding easily. This also helps you to get natural oils all over hair. Makes hair healthier and more managed and shiner. The bristles of nylon are very good for penetrating hair. Also make hair smooth and free from tangle-free. Besides there are so many additional features and advantages to use it regularly.

Special features:

All the tips of the product are ball shaped and gentle up to required on sensitive area of scalp. This is designed by professional hair stylists for making it durable to the professional level.  Brush generally gets the name “porcupine” for the bristles arrangements which are round together and creates a shape similar to porcupine.


  1. Porcupine shaped bristle brushes help in controlling thin hair
  2. They are the best to detangle and smooth thicker hair.
  3. This has rubber cushion that are so much protective for hair specially for flying hairs.
  4. Perfect for using to regular maintenance of hair
  5. Arrange hairs and stops breaking and detangling medium and long hairs
  6. Shock brush and cushion absorb the damage of hairs
  7. Vents with hole of air that circulates the air beneath the rubber
  8. Allows for drying hairs totally in using and deleting growth of bacteria to and keep hair and scalp clean and safe

Some extra tips:

Use this regularly for any kind of hair and any kind of hair style. Brush daily your hair although your hair is thick, thin or some other type. Avoid brushing hair just after taking bath.


  1. Works for men, women and children
  2. Works for whether straight or curly any form of hair
  3. Enough gentle for detangling and styling with even wigs or extension.
  4. Has elegant handle made with wood and ergonomic design
  5. Brushes make you feel awesome in hand just like a professional brush should do.
  6. Totally comfortable and easy in using.


  1. Only porcupine styled brush may not be liked by everyone
  2. May seen a bit high priced
  3. No variations in color and size at all


It has 8.5 inches length having .8 ounces weight. The cushion brush is attached with limited size so that It comes fit easily in your purse or gym kit bag.

Customer product review:

Customer review is the best for this kind of product in a word. Total 984 people have liked and reviews it as the best porcupine hair brush. Even no negative review is there and all customers are completely satisfied with the product

In all sense and analyzing points we can easily prefer Spornette classic porcupine hair brush for our regular use no matter what type of hair we have or want to have. It suits with all trends and styles and make you ready properly for any occasion or casual moments.

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