Real Techniques Cruelty Free Powder Brush With Ultra Plush

Without brush you can’t imagine of completing the make up for any day. Brush is listed on those most necessary things without which you can’t use anything properly. Real techniques powder brush is among the best brush set. No matter how good product you are using if you don’t have the best brushes to apply them all your efforts can be wasted.

Why use Real techniques powder brush

Whether you use blush on or powder or face shade or eye shade, you must have the best brush for the specific task. Every different brush has its own task to do. Real techniques powder brush has the complete set t use at any side of make up. It has the qualities to satisfy you in every way and has the mission to give you back up with many help as brushing related in make up section


  1. It has the ultra plush with synthetic type of bristles for smoother act on face
  2. These brushes are totally free from cruelty to keep it safe to use
  3. Soft fibers to make flawless make up.
  4. Gives high scale finish every kind of light including sunlight and harsh or soft indoor lighting
  5. Bristles made with synthetic taklon are not porous totally
  6. It is capable to absorb bacteria from any product even from dead skin cells

Special aspects

Easier easier clean so that you can get comfort from other brushes. The bristles of this product are always less prone as far breakage of skin is concern.  Protects the damage and make you comfortable to have clean and maintenance of skin

Customer product review

5223 people, a huge extend of people have liked it so much to use it regularly. Every brush of this unit is so much fantastic that one customer having used to it never looked at another similar product any time. Customer prefers satisfaction and comfort and they have found that in the product and that is the main reason of choosing this


  1. Color coded function for corresponding the basic steps of having proper makeup
  2. Creates a support to have a flawless make up base enhancing beauty of eyes with perfect finish
  3. Brush head made with hand-cut system to give it a perfectly usable shape
  4. It has precise method of application with a dense and soft coverage with delight finish
  5. A suitable collection is always needed and this is provided with that thing even for a large range of products
  6. You can surely use with powders and creams or liquids also with this kit
  7. For having raw makeup and highlighter this can always be a blessing.
  8. As shimmer use the brush clearly helps you to make easy reference for having desiring look


  1. All over the world women are changing their habit. Sometimes a few class or women are not used to it and try to avoid it in that case.
  2. For some cases price is little high
  3. Not consumed to new design and various design and size is not available

Having all the positive aspects and features we can assure you the best quality and service by Real techniques powder brush. You can’t avoid using a brush at any way while having make up and as it is a matter of skin you should use the best one ad be safe and sound always.