Philips norelco bodygroom 7100

Body shaver is a very essential good we use to keep ourselves clean and good looking. Hence it is men or women we all need to shave the body’s unexpected hair. Philips norelco bodygroom 7100 is one of the best kit if that we recognize for this kind of tasks.

Why should we use Philips norelco bodygroom 7100:

Some basic needs are always same for the body shaver like kits. Besides that for this product we are talking about, there are some different attractive points of course to choose this. It has 3D system pivoting head for allowing shaving upper head to follow closely your contours of your body for the highest comfort of your body skin. This is a very rare feature in any body shaver and enhances you to choose it


Its trimmers are of high performance with round blades. It has also combs for preventing to have scratch on skin. There are 5 length long settings and they are up to 11/25 inches only for getting your desired looks. Made with resistant to water casing so that we can use it in both dry and wet situations.


  1. It get full charged only in one hour
  2. Exclusively designed for those men want the tremendous comfort for body below the neck
  3. It is able to shave and trim abs, chest or under arms
  4. Safe for areas where we can’t reach so easily like leg join area, back area or shoulders
  5. Has the dual-sided demo design for letting trim or shave with the same product
  6. It has built-in trimmer system combs that has 5 settings of length with comfortable glides
  7. Special features to trim thicker hair

Some extra tips:

Philips norelco bodygroom 7100 ahould be charged for full 24 hours before start to use first.

Customer product review:

In customers Philips norelco bodygroom 7100 is so popular for its parts and skills. It has no point that makes it negative ever. About 4200 people have liked it and given positive review about the product. All of the customers who have used it have liked it so much that they wanted to buy it repeatedly. No negative review is ever there



  1. It has head specially for shave so that they can prevent nicks
  2. Avoids cuts when you are capturing long or short hair only in one stroke
  3. You don;t have any extra irritation or itchy feeling after having a close shave even
  4. It has great maintenance-free system of blades with self-sharpen for ensuring the correct precision
  5. Suitable for all skin type


  1. As a normal blade if you will be careful sometimes it may have cut
  2. You will not find various sizes of blades
  3. Design and structures are same

So, if you are using a category of product regularly then make sure that is the best one. Philips norelco bodygroom 7100 is just the perfect one you want to use always. It gives the best service and shaves with best comfort ultimately.

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