Killer ways to increase hair thickness

Almost everyone complains of not having thick hair and desire to have that. Killer ways to increase thickness of hair makes us confident about taking care of our hair well. These ways convert thin hair to thick and also increases thickness of already thick hair. This has a great influence on lessen hair fall also.

Deep conditioning:

Moisturizing hair almost daily is a killer way. If you have curly hair you can have difficulty to get moisture. Dryness may happen for this cause.  Using conditioners to replace lost moisture in your hair can be a solution to this problem.  Make sure to leave it in for at least 5 minutes, but longer if you have time.

Having essential oils:
Jojoba oil, argan oil and avocado oils are known as the best carrier oils.  All three of these are including castor oil are reputed to improve hair thickness. The best essential oils for improving hair thickness. Rosemarry oil can be added as your companion.

Consume Enough Protein:

Consuming protein can make essential change to your hair.  It can build blocks of thickness of hair. Foods like meats, fish, eggs, and especially bone broths (see below) are excellent for hair growth. These foods also contain necessary fats that help promote healthy hormones and healthy hair.

Balancing hormones:

We’ve discussed how protein intake and digestion influence hair growth, but healthy hair also depends on hormone balance. Hormone balance, as you likely know, is an extraordinarily complex topic. Here are some of the key hormones at play in hair growth, highly simplified: Cortisol, Estrogen, Thyroid hormones

 Using Almond:

You just need to make a mixture of the mashed almond, 1 mashed banana with 1 spoon olive oil. Massage this mixture for 30 minutes to the scalp. After that wash that out and shampoo. You can hydrate hair by applying 2 spoons of the almond oil with a half of the ripe mashed avocado. Get wash with gentle shampoo after getting that oil.

Having henna Powder:

You can have henna and methi powder and mix that with mustard oil or powder. Then you can have a mask over your hair. You may also add egg’s white part for your better improvement.  Henna naturally comprises color and the power of strengthen hair. The scalp gets stroing grip and natural color doesn’t let hair to have any bad effect.

Covering with natural mask:

Treating your hair regularly with masks containing proteins and fatty acids can help make it thicker and stronger. These masks are easily made at home with ingredients in your fridge. Eggs and avocados are two great foods that can be used to make hair treatments. Beat 1-2 eggs in a bowl. Put the egg on wet hair for 30 minutes.

Make the best food chart full with protein and mineral to compensate your hair state. Thickness helps you to do experiment with your hair. This can assist you to make any hairstyle you want. So, this is necessary and you can depend on one of these procedures if you want.

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