How to remove nail polish naturally

Whatever you can naturally should do and avoid the artificial touch. Most of us don’t know we don’t know how to remove nail polish naturally. We usually use nail polish made with non-organic elements. Organic way is one of the most preferred ways that doctors follow. So, we should be aware of that and follow some homemade ways to remove nail polish we wear.

How to remove nail polish naturally

Using vinegar:

Vinegar is one of the products that we normally find in all houses. That is the major reason of recommending this. You can apply this so easily and in a few minutes it works without any extra effect. First of all you have to sink cotton in vinegar. You can mix some water with this also. Then leave the mixture on painted nails for one or two minute.

Applying alcohol:

You have to soak cotton ball in alcohol. Specially the dark alcohol are more effective or you can try some and choose which one better suits you. Put the cotton gently over the nails and wait for a couple of minutes.  This can remove your nail polish and if the edges are not clear in one time then try the same way twice at a time.

Using Lemon juice:

Lemon juice in one of the elements that are proved to be good effective for many problems related skin. Removing nail polish without any artificial touch is another important point and lemon juice here has also expanded its aura. You will have to put the lemon juice with little leaves of them on painted nail and after about 5 minutes you can wash the nails with still water.

Spraying deodorant:

May of us use deodorant in daily lives. But very few of us know that this can be used in another stuff also. To use this way grab the deodorant you use and spray it on the nail painted nails. You can use body spray or perfume also. You better avoid the bar type deodorant.

Using hand sanitizer:

Though many people don’t know about the other effects of hand sanitizer we regularly use, they are really effective. Most of us only use sanitizer to clean hand instead of hand wash. Hand sanitizer has the molecule in it by which we can easily remove nail polish. Mostly added this is very common thing in our houses. You have to use cotton to dip in sanitizer and then apply that when tat is wet. Like this way do that repeatedly.

Natural things are not competitive to the market products. But whatever you say you will get a good outcome without any risk or side effects if you follow the natural way. Perhaps you find them a little slow than the artificial nail polish remover. But you get so much in return like you can save money and apply only easily available product in house. You won’t have any side effect on skin and this is easier to use also. So you should give emphasis on this and choose one way you like.

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