8 secrets to increase fairness naturally

Though the real beauty doesn’t depend on only fairness. Skin care is the most basic and vital part. But many of us are concern of their fairness. 8 secrets to increase fairness naturally can help those who want to have fair skin but are afraid of depend on make up and artificial products. You can depend on any of these natural ways and can increase your fairness in short time in simple and organic way.

Using lemon:

Lemon is so fast and superlative in bleaching. It has the most active agents to react on skin in preferring fairness. Scrubbing technique in itself is one of the best solutions. If it is with lemon then natural plus points be activated. Thus you can get fairness or make your skin fairer.

Using formed potato:

The You an gather juice from squeezed potato and then can use on skin in raw way. You can add rose water or mashed tomato with this and apply daily. After one or two week you can notice the difference in skin tone.

Having oatmeal scrub:

Scrub made form oatmeal exfoliates skin and blow the dryness from skin.  It cleans itchy skin by stripping.  You can take mashed or normal oatmeal and water mixed. Apply the paste on face and leave for few minutes. Thus follow this every day and you will get results in few weeks.

Applying cinnamon and honey:

You can use only honey layers to get fairness. You also can mix honey with lemon juice or cinnamon. You should take one spoon honey and cinnamon in a bowl and apply that pack on face for 5 minutes every day.

Using almond scrub:

Almond is worth to have a different texture like gritty. Have one handful of almond powder and put some water into that. You have to mix the paste on face equally everywhere and make it in circular rhythm  for 15 minutes. In this time you can massage slowly and after that wash it.

Using Cucumber and milk:

Cucumber is a real scrub and milk makes skin smoother. First of all you can make a smooth surface on skin and then can apply cucumber for rubbing and thus you can get whiter tone day by day.

Exploring lactic acid:

Any type of lactic acid is the most proven way to get fairness from very beginning. Yogurt, curd are rich in milk and of course a great source of lactic acid and zinc acid. You can apply any of them and after few minutes everyday can wash with clear water. That will enhance your fairness property in skin.

Using saffron:

You can use a little saffron mixing with aloe vera. You can take aloe vera oil or olive oil and put that mask on face for some minutes. After that it’s better to wash skin with coconut water. This way can push a great rapid towards increasing fairness.

Tick any of these ways or you can try some of them and see which carries the better result for your skin. Every skin is different. Every skin responds to elements in different way and there is no actual theory for any particular skin. But we can assure of having the maximum results by following any one of these or some of these also.

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